Wall Art for Your Home: Which Pictures Should You Display?

Getting your senior portraits can be an amazing experience. You’re capturing a moment in time for yourself, if you’re the senior, or for your little girl, if you’re Mom and Dad. There’s no doubt that you’ll want to display those amazing photos on your wall. But which do you choose? Selecting wall art for your home is a personal process and takes into account your style, the subject of the photography, and the space you’re looking to fill.

Start with Where the Images Will Be Displayed

Before ordering those giant poster-sized images of your senior portrait session (or even 8″ x 10″s), consider where you’re going to hang those treasured images. Not only do you have a number of rooms in your home and office that could be used, but you have three to four usable walls in each of those rooms. How do you determine where to hang these amazing images?

You might choose a standalone oversized image or a grouping of all-the-same or different-sized images. These options should be taken into consideration before ordering your prints and choosing places to display wall art for your home.

Consider Your Decorating Style

If your home is decorated in a minimalist style, you likely don’t want to clutter up a full wall with images. Take into account the design you have going on so that the wall art for your home will blend with it. There are a variety of interior design styles you could have in your home, and you’ll likely want to complement whatever feel you currently have moving forward.

Of course, you could opt to go off reservation and make a big, bold statement with your photography. If you do vary from your design, stay within the same color family. That will help things appear as if they are meant to be that way instead of as an afterthought.

Pick the Right Height

Even if you have the perfect room to display wall art for your home, and you’ve chosen prints and frames that complement your decor, there’s still an area that many people miss: the appropriate height. Generally speaking, we want wall art to be displayed at eye level. Obviously, a 5’4″ person has a different eye level than a 6’2″ person.

Keep in mind that the average human eye level is 57″. Aim to hang all of the artwork throughout your home at 57″ from the ground to create a consistent feel. Even when grouping photos, the midlevel should fall at 57″.

Size Matters

No matter what you’ve heard, size does matter—especially when choosing and hanging wall art for your home. A giant wall will swallow up an 8″ x 10″ print, while a gallery-sized piece of art will overwhelm a small powder room. Think scale as you’re considering where to display your new masterpiece.

Remember that frames can make a difference. If you have a photo you love that isn’t quite to scale, try putting it in a larger, matted frame. And in large spaces, those groupings can fill the area without being overwhelming.

Don’t Overdo It

Sometimes less is more

There’s nothing more distracting than having entirely too much stuff on the walls. There’s minimalism and then there’s crazy Aunt Hilda the hoarder’s house; go for somewhere in between.

When you have too many pieces hanging on the wall, the eye doesn’t know quite where to look. Be deliberate with your white space, or negative space. Having some intentionally blank areas allows the eye to calm down a bit and be ready to look at the wall art for your home that you really want to stand out.

Seek Professional Help for Wall Art for Your Home

At Twelfth Year Senior Portraits, we know how important the pictures of your graduating senior are to you. We understand that you want to proudly display them in your home. That’s why we offer complimentary in-home installation as part of our senior packages.

We are currently scheduling sessions for both Class of 2019 and Class of 2020 high school seniors. Contact us to learn more and get on the calendar.

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