Senior Portrait Location: What Suits Your Personality?

Your senior portrait is a major event, and you want photos that capture the real you right now. Naturally, you want your hair, makeup, and style to be picture perfect. But what about your background? Sure, you want something that looks great. But the real secret is a background that’s Y-O-U. When choosing your senior portrait location, what suits your personality? What says, “This is me!”?

Your Senior Portrait Location

How do you decide on a senior portrait location? From indoors to outdoors, the possibilities are seemingly endless. It can be overwhelming! And there are a lot of “what ifs.” What if there’s bad weather for an outdoor shoot? What if everyone else is doing it? What if it doesn’t feel like “me”?

Take a deep breath. We’re here to help you make the best choice for you! It all starts with some tips to help you choose. Let’s get started.

Tips for Choosing Your Senior Portrait Location

1. Consider Background vs. Location

The best background highlights the subject: you! For example, if you’re into nature, the background may mean more than the actual location. Let’s say you really want flowers as your background. Flowers can be found at the botanical garden, your best friend’s house, or along the side of the road. If the background is what’s important to you, then let us help you find a background that really pops—without worrying so much about choosing a specific senior portrait location just because it’s “the” place.

Kylie loves to bake so we scouted a fun kitchen to use for her senior portraits.
Photo: Twelfth Year Senior Portraits www.12thyr.com @12thyr

2. Get Personal

Your hobbies, interests, and activities can serve as the perfect personalized background and senior portrait location. Do you play a sport? Are you into horses? Do you love the water? Are you all about architecture? Do you cook? Paint? Read? We can help you zero in on zones that best reflect what you most enjoy, such as the barn, library, volleyball court, golf course, or by the pool or lake.

Cami just passed her EMT certification and so thie background and location is very personal to her.
Photo: Twelfth Year Senior Portraits www.12thyr.com @12thyr

3. Think About Your Vibe

Who are you right now? Are you conservative and traditional? Are you modern and edgy? Are you laugh-out-loud or the quiet type? Are you a girly girl—or the complete and total opposite?

Different settings and senior portrait locations will tell the story of you. For example, are you French-country toile, museum of modern art, desert sunset, or urban graffiti? Your personality traits will help us find the senior portrait location that really looks like you and will make your personality the star.

Mary ‘s ASU Graduation Portrait
Photo: Twelfth Year Senior Portraits www.12thyr.com @12thyr

4. Focus on Your Goal

Do you want less or more? If you’re going for multiple shots with multiple outfits and multiple backgrounds, we’ll need to choose a location that offers maximum versatility. If you’re looking for a few just-right shots, we can select a smaller space.

Whatever your goal, you’re in good hands! We have an eye for detail, so we’ll work our magic to give you options even in a small location. Just changing the angle of the shot can give you a whole new background.

Sometimes the best choice for your senior portrait location is a specific spot that’s meaningful to you. But often times the best choice is a location that puts YOU in the spotlight.

For Aria’s album we wanted full-page images and a variety of locations

Trust the Experts

At Twelfth Year Senior Portraits, you’ll get our expert help to choose the location that fits you to a T. But that’s not all. You’ll also gain access to a professional makeup artist, professional hair stylist, and all of the clothes in our couture closet to make sure your senior portraits capture the real you. Book your appointment to get started on your custom senior portrait session.

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