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High School Senior Girl in Downtown Phoenix

Twelfth Year Senior Portraits is un-matched by any other senior portrait photography studio in Phoenix.

Our promise to our clients is to deliver a true full-service senior portrait photography experience.

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU. We offer professional hair and makeup artists to complete your experience.

We are a team. Photographers, Makeup Artist, Assistants, this is a fashion photoshoot! Does your mom really want to hold a reflector or ‘work’ a photoshoot, NO! Let us do that so that you can enjoy your day!

Multiple photographers help you get different styles, instead of being stuck with a photographer that only has one look.

We only accept a limited number of seniors each month so that we can provide great attention and detail to each one of our seniors. Don’t settle for the same look that photographers copy from each other.

We offer professional hair and makeup as part of YOUR senior portraits. If you want the best look from your senior pics, then

We have a studio. It gets hot in Phoenix! and then toss in the monsoons and dust storms, so that only leaves you a couple of good months to get your photos done. Do you really want your senior photos taken at the same locations as everyone else?

Your friends will be jealous. Our clients love having amazing artwork to display at home or at the office.

We are a full-service studio. Some photographers only give you a link to download photos, great now what are you supposed to do? Do you really want to design a graduation announcement, make your own photo album, try to print your own photos, or figure how to download and size your photos for social media? We are a professional full-service studio offering albums, prints, wallets, posters, and so many amazing products,

If senior photography matters to you and you are looking for something beyond the normal school pictures, then contact us today.

Jesse Orlando Lamborghini Dassault Falcon 7X Senior Portrait in Scottsdale, AZ