5 Reasons To Go Pro With Hair and Makeup

Why should you have your makeup and hair professionally done?

#1 The Camera Catches Everything

We just want to ensure you have your best face forward

We want you to look natural and like yourself, not some fake version of yourself. The use of Photoshop has gone too far! Plus when we don’t have to Photoshop your photos, you get to see them faster! One of the unique things about Twelfth Year Senior Portraits is that on the same day as your session you get a custom mobile app on your phone with your photos!

#3 Celebrities Don’t Really Look Like That

Celebrities look different in-person. Before any performance, photo shoot or TV interview they have sat down to have their hair and makeup professionally done. Even supermodel Cindy Crawford once said

“Even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford” – Cindy Crawford

There is a HUGE difference in “everyday makeup” and “camera ready makeup” The products that our artists use are specifically made for the camera as well as camera-ready faces!

#4 You Won’t Have to Worry

This photo was taken on a warm humid day in San Diego, CA. Professional hair and makeup made everyone relax and know that photos would come out great!

Using professional hair stylists and makeup artists with credentials can ensure a mistake-free experience. Be safe using professionals who have had special training in camera-ready hair and makeup. Our makeup artists waterproof and set your makeup so that your face will be flawless from beginning to the end of your photo shoot. Sweat, humidity, water, and heat will have nothing on your super fab face!

#5 Our Artists Know What They’re Doing

Lauren is our top professional makeup artist at Twelfth Year Senior Portraits

Adele is our favorite for making your hair super fab for your photos. Also she recently traveld to Europe for a week to learn the best techniques for permanent makeup, She is contantly learning and we love that about her!

Professionals know that what you saw in Pinterest might have looked great on that girl because she has a round face, but needs to be modified slightly to match your shape, look, skin tone, etc. Professionals are trained in color theory and know the best trends, so they can blend both!

This is also a point of buyers beware: just because a makeup artist or hairstylist has a nice Instagram doesn’t mean she’s good with all types of looks, colors, and faces.

For example, in our studio, we spend time getting to know the artist, their work, and interviewing them. Then we work with them on sample shoots before hiring them, because we have to trust they can not only do a great smokey eye, but they can make your vision come to life, whether that includes a smokey eye, or not.

So, when vetting the professional you’re going to hire, make sure they can achieve the vision & creative concept you’re considering, before committing to them!

And if these aren’t enough reasons, who would want to sit back and be pampered by professionals on their big day!

These are just a few reasons why professional hair and makeup are included with every photo session we offer at Twelfth Year Senior Portraits.


PS – Do you have a favorite makeup artist or hairstylist? Email us at [email protected], we’d love to connect with great people!

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Go Pro With Hair and Makeup

  1. Tyson Coolidge says:

    I like what you said about using professional hair and makeup artists to ensure that your experience is free of mistakes. My sister is getting married in a few weeks, and she wants to make sure that she looks flawless on her big day. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for professionals who can help her with this.

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