What to wear for Spring Senior Portraits in Phoenix | Twelfth Year Senior Portraits
Twelfth Year Senior Portraits
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What to wear for Spring Senior Portraits in Phoenix

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and its time for your senior portraits! The most popular question is “what should I wear for my photos?”

Good news – its spring, which means there are a lot more options! Especially in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Chandler!

Ladies: Spring is the perfect time to bring out those dresses and skirts! For color palette dark purples and blues with grey, or prints are always a classic look for spring. Sundresses or maxi and mid-skirts are a big hit right now, so choose these items in the hot spring colors for a perfect look. Pair these with flats or wedges.

Another classic option is jeans/capris with a tank top. When choosing your clothes, you want to keep it simple and classic. If it is not something you would normally wear, then put it back! If you are uncomfortable, that will show in your photos.

Men: Same goes for you! Dark palettes and prints always work for spring photos! A button up shirt with a pair of slacks or shorts is always a classic look. When choosing clothes, opt for a dark shirt and light pants, or vice-versa, to offset each other! Too much dark in a photo limits your outcomes.

These are photos that you will look back on, so make sure you love what you wear!