12 ideas for your Phoenix Senior Portraits | Twelfth Year Senior Portraits
Twelfth Year Senior Portraits
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12 ideas for your Phoenix Senior Portraits

Senior year of high school is happening.

It’s the last year of high school in Phoenix and you want to make it memorable.  We want to be there to capture the unique YOU. Here are 12 ideas for your Phoenix Senior Portraits:

1. The School Photographer. This is a great option if you’re boring and don’t have any hobbies. I know you’re more interesting than that so let’s look at options.

2. Get creative. Think about what you like to do, who like to hang out with, and where you like to go. We want to be creative in capturing you during this special time in your life.

3. Talk to your friends. Take individual and group photos to capture what makes your group unique and what makes YOU a special part of that group.

4. Feeling Artistic: Rather than standard color photos, consider something more artistic. We can help you create the effect you desire.

5. At School. Whether we’re in the school capturing you in action as part of the yearbook committee or on the field participating in your favorite sport, we’re game to meet you at school for your session.

6. Favorite places. Remember the good times with great friends when we meet at your favorite local hangout.

7. Enjoying the outdoors. We’re so lucking being in Phoenix with lots of great places to travel to. If being outside is YOU, then let’s go outside!

8. Hobby. Do you love to dance? Would you rather be crafting? Let’s create a personalized photo session that represents your interests and hobbies.

9. Architecture: Do you have a special place or love a certain building? Downtown Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe and Scottsdale all have great spots! Let’s get that location for your session.

10. All Dressed Up: Let our stylist and make-up artist pamper you for your session. Get dressed up in your favorite prom or other formal attire and have a fun creative session.

11. Sunrise/Sunset: The sunsets in Phoenix, AZ are the BEST! The beginning and the end of the day provide lighting opportunities. We can help you find the right place with the right lighting.

12. Still don’t know?  Let us plan it all for you! 😉